Bailey and Sadie

28th March 2013
On a cold winter morning earlier this year I ventured over the moors to a beautiful little park in Ilkley to take some photographs of a gorgeous pair of working cocker spaniels. Bailey (liver) and Sadie (black) are a mother and daughter combination who were accompanied by their owners Julie and Robert, a mother and son combination (incidentally Robert is a local joiner - if you're on the look out check out his website here: Good old Bailey was in fact pregnant with another litter at the time of the shoot, but if you think this might have made them a nice calm pair, think again - they were the fastest dogs I have ever seen! They hardly stopped moving for the whole hour and a half we were out, which of course led to a lot of nice action shots with a few portrait shots here and there when I could get the chance. Here are some of my favourites, I hope you like them…

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