Caesar & Teegan

22nd April 2013
In late summer last year I had a request for some photos of Caesar (grey) and Teegan (skewbald) in the snow, so when the first flakes of the year fell I assumed I'd need to get on with this shoot quickly. I needn't have worried - snow barely left Bingley until mid March, but at least Liana, their owner, and I managed to have a nice morning in the snow before the novelty wore off! I met Liana by chance when walking the dog and it turned out she is a local, highly trained riding instructor, offering both freelance training across West Yorkshire and riding simulator lessons at her yard in Bingley, all with her passion for classical riding at the heart of what she does (to find out more, here is her website: We got some quick posed shots of Caesar on his own before before bringing Teegan into the mix for some more relaxed, fun photos of them playing in the snow - here are some of the images, and don't worry, after the shoot we made sure the horses warmed up before we did!

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