Northallerton Horse Trials

29th April 2013
Up North I went, to Northallerton yesterday for my first British Eventing outing of the season. As a new(ish) Yorkshire lass I hadn't been to Northallerton Equestrian Centre before but it was worth the trip; good dressage arenas, an excellent surface for the show jumping and a lovely cross country course with some interesting fences within both a sheltered wood and across open fields.

I was there promoting my "Competition Commissions", so between taking shots and getting blown about by the crazy wind, I was handing out leaflets galore. Please have a look at the Equestrian Competition Commissions page for more information but generally the aim is to spend time with you (or a group of you) to get some good and different shots of you and your horse whilst at a competition. Here are some of the images - if you saw me there and there aren't any photos of you here, please get in touch because it is more than likely that I have some!

Starting with some Dressage:

And some very elegant warming up:

Before moving over to the Show Jumping arena:

This boy was very excited to enter the arena:

But did a beautiful round:

I then headed over to the Cross Country and caught these in the warm up:

Before starting my walk of the course:

Excellently focused on the next fence:

As were most people!

I'll be attending many more British Eventing events and other equestrian competitions across the country this year, please get in touch for more information or to request my attendance at your event!

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